The Daikin Manufacturing Germany GmbH (DMGG) is a production and development site and has been part of the DAIKIN Europe Group since 2008. Our location is in Güglingen near Heilbronn, in the southwest of Germany. With our over 700 employees, we primarily develop and produce components for sustainable heat pump technology. 

In Germany, two companies are integrated into the DAIKIN Europe Group. This website belongs to DAIKIN Manufacturing Germany GmbH. The separate sales company in Unterhaching and Leingarten is known as Daikin Airconditioning Germany GmbH.

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Daikin Manufacturing

The Daikin production facility in Güglingen has experienced impressive growth over the last 3 years. Production in Güglingen is characterized by state-of-the-art assembly and line production. This approach enables Daikin to ensure high precision and quality while simultaneously increasing production capacity. Employees work closely together to ensure that each component meets Daikin's stringent quality standards. To get a glimpse of our production, check out the video!


⟶ Learn more about our production facility in Güglingen!

EMEA Development Center

The EMEA Development Center is responsible for the research and development of DAIKIN products. It covers the entire development process from initial concept to production readiness. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art sound and climate chambers to analyze and optimize the performance, efficiency, and reliability of Daikin products down to the finest detail. The EDC collaborates closely with DAIKIN development centers across Europe to leverage the combined knowledge and expertise of the best engineers in various regions. Watch the video for a glimpse into our development work at Güglingen!


⟶ Learn more about our development facility in Güglingen!