Step-by-step recruitment process


A telephone interview with our HR Department or with an external recruitment company that supports us in the recruitment process for which you have applied. This is a typical ,,phone screening”. The recruiter calls you, introduces you to the role and provides you with key information about the position and the company. This stage is an initial verification of your skills, experience and fit for the role. We also check your motivation and expectations. After this stage, you will always receive feedback as to what our decision is regarding your candidacy and whether we decided after the initial assessment to invite you to the next stage.


An interview with your potential supervisor and the HR department. The first interview generally lasts one hour. It takes place online or at the company's headquarters. During this stage we want to get to know you better, tell you in detail about the role, your potential Department. For some positions at this stage, we may conduct hard knowledge tests. 


If the feedback after the first interview is positive, you will receive an email invitation from us to take the test. You have seven days to take the test. We want to test your numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning skills to assess your personality profile and fit with Daikin's organization culture. You take the test online. Remember: the test allows you to minimize the subjectivity of your evaluation!


Final interview with your potential supervisor (second stage). The manager of the department to which you are applying and the HR Manager may also join you at this stage. The interview usually takes place at the company's headquarters.


If all the above recruitment steps are successful, you will receive a letter of intent from us with terms of employment.